Too Nice To Slice by Helen Penman

                    Sotogrande, Spain and Maidstone, UK


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UK - 07880701732

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Please browse my cakes ! Click on the word and it will take you to the relevant page. If you have queries, please email me either by clicking on my email address or sending me a contact form from my Contact page.  I do hope you like them and if you dont see something you are particuarly wanting, email me and I am sure I will be able to help you! To go to the relevant page, simply click in the photo !

            New for 2016


Do you have a birthday party coming up? Run out of ideas for        entertainment? Have a Birthday Party Cake Decorating Party!

* Cake Decorating Workshop

*Biscuit Decorating Workshop

*Cupcake Decorating Workshop

*Cake Pop Decorating Workshop

       Hop over to Party Workshops  for details

       Fantastic news for all you model makers ! Come join

        Too Nice To Slice Online Modelling School

Following the great success of my modelling books " 100 Fondant Models for Cake Decorators' and "100 Fondant Animals For Cake Decorators' I am launching online tutorials of all my favourite fondant models never seen before ! No need to leave the comfort of your own kitchen/workroom.

Go to the Online Classes page for further details but as a taster, the first will be a mini class and will be launched on April 1st. This will be free for you to try out before you decide to subscribe.

I design cakes for Disney ! Here are just a few of my front covers

One of the models to be included in the TNTS Online Modelling School.